T-80BV M

Tanks are too vulnerable in the Arctic

Classic tanks are too vulnerable in the Arctic, but Russia has found a way: the Romanian military expert told about the T-80BV M
ArcticClassic tanks today are too vulnerable, in this regard, some countries have decided to abandon this type of weapons. Despite these trends, Russia and the United States continue to rely on armored vehicles, they are developing new platforms that have better protection and are not afraid of anti-tank missiles. Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu in your material for Voltairenet talked about the current trends in tank development.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the past two years, the Russian Uralvagonzavod carries out modernization of tanks T-80, which allows you to bring a new level the capabilities of these machines. The new version was called the T-80BVM. They received an advanced shooting control system that uses screens, thermal imaging cameras, as well as a laser rangefinder capable of covering a distance of up to 7.5 kilometers. This equipment allows the crew of the combat vehicle to quickly determine the location of anti-tank missile systems before they have time to change position.

The level of protection of the RUSSIAN t-80BVM tank increased by 50% compared to its predecessors. It has a four-level protection that protects the machine from various types of threats.
T-80BV M

In addition, the T-80BVM received a new gas turbine engine GTE-1250, which has a large volume-weight power, as well as a more favorable traction characteristic. It also introduced a system that reduces fuel consumption by 50% when driving at low speed and 20% at standard speed.

At this point, we can ask the following question, why it was preferable to modernize the machine of the Soviet era, while Russia previously introduced the T-14 Armata, which is called the best tank that was ever created,  asks Valentin Vasilescu.

As the expert notes, the answer is very simple. The fact is that in extremely low temperatures it is very difficult to operate military equipment. In particular, tanks equipped with diesel engines. Gas turbine power units are much better suited for this purpose. If we recall that in recent years Russia has been paying a lot of attention to strengthening its position in the Arctic, then everything falls into place.

At a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius, diesel engines run for 45 minutes. Tanks with so-called jet engines need only 1 minute to start. The only machines that have such power units are the American M1A2 Abrams and the Soviet/Russian T-80, Vasilescu said.

Earlier it became known that the armed forces of the Russian Federation located in the Arctic regions, began to T-80BVM. it is Assumed that there will be sent from 300 to 400 of these machines. The tanks will serve as a support for the Northern fleet to protect the shores of the Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nenets regions.

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