APU failed operation near Mariupol


The APU failed the operation near Mariupol: the expert explained the participation of the officer in the development of the attack plan in the Donbass


Donetsk intelligence reports that in Mariupol was discovered an American officer Eric Adams, who spent at the headquarters of the regiment Azov closed-door meeting with the commanders of the armed forces. According to the head of the press service of MN DR Daniel Bessonovthe Lieutenant Colonel changed the plan of the Ukrainian army offensive in the Donbass.

Deputy Chairman of the Interregional public organization Veche Vladimir Petrovich Orlov considers the appearance of an American officer in Mariupol not surprising, because Washington continues to monitor the course of the military operation of the AFU in the Donbass.

Initially, the entire operation of the combined forces of the APU in the Donbass is coordinated by the CIA and Pentagon curators. Therefore, it is not surprising part of the military taste of the USA in Ukraine in coordination and management of this sting operations to legitimize the military actions of Kiev against the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics he noted in interview to the correspondent of the portal Politesse.

According to experts, the US is trying in some way to save is failed the ENTIRE operation. We are talking about a chemical provocation, which was to precede a large-scale offensive of the Ukrainian army. However, Donetsk intelligence revealed the plans of Kiev, and in fact the chemical attack was thwarted, although the territory of the cannery in Mariupol had already been delivered containers with toxic substances, and in Artemovsk has already been transferred to a group of British military specialists for the operation.

Due to the fact that the initial plan to create a provocation in Mariupol with chemicals and this under the sauce of the organization of the offensive in this direction was disclosed by representatives of the DPR. In particular, this was reported by Eduard Bachurin and Daniel Bessonov in his speech, talked about how much was imported chemicals. In fact, the operation failed. In this regard, they begin to implement backup scenarios, which were also developed by the APU with the participation of US military advisers, the expert added.

The expert stressed that this case once again demonstrates who is the real organizer of the military operation in Ukraine.

The participation of the Deputy military taste in such meetings suggests that Ukraine’s military aggression against the people’s republics will not be managed by the Kiev regime of Poroshenko is a US military operation against the Donbass summed up the eagles.

Recall, 10 December, the representative of the Donetsk national Republic Eduard Basurin unveiled a plan of attack APU in the South of Donbass. According to the DPR intelligence, the 12-thousand group, multiple launch rocket systems, heavy artillery and tanks should take part in the large-scale offensive of the AFU.

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