China to supply Turkey with F-35

Turkey F-35

China will supply Turkey with exact copies of f-35 bombers

Turkey F-35

The authorities of China and Turkey have completed a deal to supply more than a hundred accurately reproduced Chinese-made f-35 bombers. This decision was made in Istanbul in response to Washington’s threat to suspend the sale of aircraft to Turkey.

The first supply agreements were reached by the parties in 2014. In Beijing and Dalian started production of bombers, the most imitating American. Chinese experts managed to achieve such accuracy that during the participation of aircraft in the exercise, no one could distinguish a copy from the original. At the same time, the cost of one machine from China is twice cheaper than the F-35 due to savings on materials and wages of workers. In addition, China went on a deliberate dumping during the sale of Turkey in the hope of new commercial contracts in the future after a successful transaction.

“No one can deceive us and impose their own rules. Why do we need expensive American junk, if we can buy the same wonderful plane in China. Washington played and lost,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Also, the media reported that the last six months Turkish pilots have already been trained in China. The first bombers will enter the service of the Turkish army in September.

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