The concept of hypersonic weapons of Russia


Aircraft carriers will sink so quickly that no plane will not have time to take off: the Romanian expert assessed the concept of hypersonic weapons of the Russian Federation


Russian hypersonic weapons have been the focus of most of the world’s media for the past few months. Such systems as the” Dagger “and” Zircon ” are presented as a unique weapon, which has no analogues in the United States. The advantages of these systems include their high speed (12,250 km/h and 9,800 km/h), large range of action, and the ability to maneuver. Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu specifically for” political Russia ” told about the specifics of the use of such systems.

According to Valentin Vasilescu, the topic of hypersonic weapons is much deeper than just listing the technical characteristics of missiles. Other equally important factors in the use of these weapons need to be taken into account, which most analysts do not.

The Romanian expert noted that the introduction of new weapons systems implies the development of the concept of their application. Hypersonic weapons are no exception to this rule. This process begins with the identification of the most vulnerable areas in the event of military aggression. If we talk about Russia, such zones include the Baltic sea region (Kaliningrad enclave), the Arctic (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Novaya Zemlya), the black sea region (Crimea, transport crossing the Kerch Strait).

Also, the most efficient enemy forces are determined, which are the most dangerous and should be quickly hit by hypersonic missiles. For example, aircraft carriers, landing ships and similar weapons. Then comes the process of adapting missiles to launchers, submarines and aircraft that cover the most dangerous areas.

In addition, the lines of attack of these hypersonic missiles must be positioned so that their potential targets are destroyed before they have time to strike back. In particular, aircraft carriers should not have time to produce their aircraft. Currently, the American F-18 strikes targets at a distance of 720 km from the aircraft carrier. A major role will be given to the training of personnel. The crews of Russian ships, submarines and Tu-160, Tu-22M3 and MiG-31K equipped with hypersonic missiles will have to undergo appropriate training.

To protect the targets of the Baltic sea and the Arctic, Russian hypersonic missiles have two zones that can be used to block the enemy’s naval strike group. The leading edge is 1000 km from the East coast of the Atlantic ocean to the South of Iceland. The next line is in the Skagerrak Strait. For the protection of the Crimea also established two areas of blocking. The first is in the Strait of Gibraltar, the second South of Italy.

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