Egypt chose the su-35 instead of the French “Squall”

Egypt chose su-35

NI explained why Egypt chose the su-35 instead of the French “Squall”

Egypt chose su-35

The Russian fighter of the 4++ generation su-35S was created for air superiority. This is stated in the article of the American edition of the National Interest, the translation of which is exclusively for its readers is “political Russia”.

Columnist” National interest ” Charlie Gao reminds reader, that Egypt intends to to purchase twenty-the newest fighter su-35S.

“Given the capabilities of other aircraft in its fleet, the Egyptian air force (EAF) is likely to consider the su-35S primarily as a fighter for air superiority. Su-35S has a radar “IRBIS-e”, which is known to be extremely powerful, “ the article says.

Garley Gao notes that the su-35S fighters are equipped with advanced engines with a controlled thrust vector, and are also compatible with the latest Russian air-to-air missile systems.

“This is an advantage over the American F-16, which are not equipped with the latest missile systems,” – said the columnist of the American edition.

According to the journalist, Egypt’s decision to purchase Russian su-35S instead of French Rafale fighters (“Flurry”) is most likely political.

The article notes that from 2016 to 2018 Cairo purchased a large number of modern Russian equipment, from attack helicopters to air missiles.

“The purchase of the su-35S is a continuation of this policy,” Gao wrote.

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