Fear of Russia

fear of Russia

Fear of Russia forces trump to start saving the only us tank factory

fear of Russia

Donald trump visited the only functioning in the United States tank factory Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio. According to Forbes, it was the first presidential visit since 2003 – then the production was granted by George W. Bush. Barack Obama has never been interested in tank production, and during his presidency the plant almost closed.

The destruction of the tank capacity of America

This is not an exaggeration: the 44th us President believed that Russia does not pose any danger to the United States of America, and in this regard, the Obama administration has reduced the number of army armored brigades to a record low. As a result, the plant in Lima produced one “Abrams” per year, and the us military command seriously considered the option of complete preservation of its only enterprise capable of producing the main national weapons for land-based wars.

Fear of Russia forces trump to start saving the only us tank factory

Further-more. The Obama administration actually put an end to the production of amphibious marine vehicles at the same plant in Lima. The tank factory was specifically renamed the joint center for the production of systems in the hope that it will supply weapons for both the army and the Marines, but Barack Obama had his own view on this problem. No kidding, the army then received less money for the production of armored vehicles than Americans spend every year on Halloween.

Trump corrects Obama’s mistakes

In fact, changes in the current situation began only with the arrival of President Donald trump. He ordered to increase by more than 2 billion dollars the financing of projects for the modernization of the main battle tank “Abrams”. This will have a positive impact on the plant in Lima: just two years ago, the number of its employees reached a minimum of 400 people, but in the near future it is expected the influx of labor, resulting in the number of employees of the enterprise will increase to thousands of people.

Fear of Russia forces trump to start saving the only us tank factory

Forbes notes that Donald trump shows a personal interest in the plant and even looks for suppliers of components for the enterprise. In particular, solid contracts should be received by companies from Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. For example, the General Dynamics factory from Scranton is already planning to increase its employment by more than 100% thanks to funding provided by trump.

Russia as the main motivator

This interest of the American President is understandable. While Barack Obama actually destroyed the American tank industry, the main competitors of the States in the face of Russia and China did not stand still. Moscow, of course, has achieved particular success here. Right now the main Russian tank “Armata”, for example, boasts an active protection system capable of intercepting incoming anti-tank shells. For comparison, the Americans are only trying to implement similar systems in the “Abrams”, and it will be a long time before these attempts will be embodied in anything significant.

As noted at the end of last year, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, since 2012, Russia has created the most modern and advanced for many years, and in some places – for decades, weapons. And “Armata” is certainly one of them. Many foreign military experts without a shadow of a doubt agree that this tank is the best combat vehicle in the world.

Fear of Russia forces trump to start saving the only us tank factory

Russia also has a significant advantage over the United States in quantitative terms. According to experts, in the case of a direct ground collision, America and NATO as a whole will be able to put about 130 tanks, 90 of which will be American “Abrams”, located in Europe on a rotational basis. On the Russian side will perform 760 tanks of the armed forces, which are in close proximity to the Baltic countries.

A separate line can be mentioned and the training of soldiers. Under Sergei Shoigu, during regular combat training in the army at the brigade, army and district level, competitions of tank crews began to be held, the best of which are entitled to perform at the first world championship among tank crews “Tank biathlon”held in 2014. Of course, we are talking only about game competitions, but the problem is that American tankers do not even have such practice.

All this is well understood by Donald trump. Of course, he hardly plans to get together with Russia in a real tank battle, but this does not mean that even hypothetical threats should be ignored. It is this fear of the Russian Federation that explains the operation launched by the American President to save the tank plant in Lima: if you do not do it now, you will have to spend more than a dozen years to eliminate the backlog from Russia.

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