A military expert told about the newest anti-tank systems “Kornet-D1»


The firepower of Russian military expert, told about the newest anti-tank systems “Kornet-D1” on the chassis of BMD-4M


The latest Russian ATGM “Kornet-D1” on the basis of BMD-4M will pass state tests this year. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia, noting that the equipment is designed for airborne troops.

According to known information, “Cornet” will pass state tests before acceptance on arms of artillery parts and divisions of landing. It should be noted that earlier the head of the Russian defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu noted: equipping the Russian army with the latest technology is a priority task of the Department.

“Self-propelled ATGM, created on the chassis BMD-4M, parachute landing method, will have unique characteristics in range and accuracy”, – stressed in the defense Ministry.

It is also reported that the new weapons will be tested at several sites of the national defense Ministry. The defense Ministry added that the domestic ATGM “Kornet-D1″ on the basis of BMD-4M-one of the”first new high-precision developments created in the interests of airborne artillery units, which will significantly increase the firepower of assault and parachute units.”

Expert Of the center of military-political journalism Vladimir Orlov during a conversation with a journalist of “political Russia” noted the importance of new “cornet” for Russian paratroopers and the defense of the country as a whole.

“It should be noted initially that this new weapon system is being developed specifically for airborne troops. In Russia, the airborne forces are one of the elements of the rapid reaction forces, which can be quickly transferred to different theater (theater of operations – approx. ed.) for use for their intended purpose,” he said.

The analyst also stressed that the technology does not stand still, so new domestic developments are needed to fight new weapons. The expert recalled that the new protection systems of armored vehicles have such means, which can not resist the old complexes.

“In addition to the weapons that are already available in the airborne units, it was necessary to develop a new system, taking into account the increase in the combat characteristics of armored vehicles of the armed forces of the probable enemy, in order to effectively resist such.

The old systems have been developed for a long time, over the past time there has been some development of armored vehicles of a potential enemy, as well as technologies for its protection. For example, there was an active protection, there were various systems that can shoot down a projectile released by ATGM, or counter it in other ways. Therefore, it is necessary to have new weapons that would effectively deal with the armor of a potential enemy,” – said the expert.

Among other things, Vladimir Orlov expressed confidence that the new “cornet” will necessarily affect the efficiency and firepower of the Russian armed forces in a positive way.

“As a similar system, a new modification of the Cornet on the BMD-4M chassis was chosen, which was presented relatively recently. This weapon will definitely increase the combat effectiveness of airborne troops, and will allow them, if necessary, to successfully use anti – tank means of the enemy,” the military expert concluded.

“Kornet-D1” on the tracked chassis BMD-4M is the development of the famous Tula instrument design Bureau. Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu personally pays special attention to new technologies and techniques of Tula arms masters. So, at the international military-technical forum “Army-2017” the arms exposition of the ckib soo was carefully studied by the head of the Russian defense Ministry. After Sergei Shoigu ordered to send all the novelties of the design and research Bureau located in Tula for testing to the troops.

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