The plans of the West to seize Kaliningrad

The Plans Of The West

The expert spoke about the plans of the West to capture Kaliningrad

The Plans Of The West

Military expert Yuri Knutov explained why the Western military show great interest in Kaliningrad.

Yuri Knutov in an interview with journalists of the online edition of “BUSINESS Online” expressed the opinion that Kaliningrad is of great strategic importance, so the West strive to create conditions for a strike on this region. In particular, this is why NATO military exercises have recently been conducted in close proximity to the Russian border.

The interlocutor of journalists noted that about Kaliningrad the USA and their allies developed several action plans. The first involves the formation of a “fifth column” in the city, through which the interests of the West will advance. The second scenario involves an attempted armed invasion.

The expert suggested that Washington and Brussels dream of turning Kaliningrad into a European enclave. They also consider the possibility of exchanging these territories for the Peninsula of Crimea, but this option is hardly real.

It should be noted that Kaliningrad is covered by a powerful group of troops. In particular, there are anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 “Triumph”, which in their characteristics have no equal in the world.

Earlier, “political Russia” cited the words of the Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu, who stated that the West’s plans to capture Kaliningrad will turn into a fiasco. According to him, the Russian army in the region can arrange for NATO a real nightmare.

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