The possibility of a new war in the Balkans

The probability of a new war

The expert spoke about the likelihood of a new war in the Balkans

The probability of a new war

Political expert Oleg Bondarenko commented on the situation in the Balkans, where the West began to exert strong pressure on Serbia.

Oleg Bondarenko on the radio “Vesti” drew attention to the fact that the situation in the Balkan Peninsula remains tense. The West is putting a lot of pressure on Serbia, which has traditionally good relations with Russia. There is a possibility of a new great war in this region, where the world’s largest powers will be drawn.

Politologist noted that Serbia for Russia – “the key to Europe.” The United States and its allies are well aware of this, so in the late 90’s Yugoslavia was dealt a terrible blow. It was assumed that he would close the Balkans to Moscow, but this plan was not fully implemented in the end.

As for today, the West is putting pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence. Needless to Belgrade is not ready to take this step, so the situation is heated to the limit. If the Kosovo Albanians bring their forces to the North of the region, a war may break out.

“At the moment, if the Kosovo Albanians will introduce police units in the North of Kosovo, Serbia will have nothing left but to enter their troops there, and this is called the beginning of a new war,” – said Oleg Bondarenko.

The expert believes that a large number of States may be involved in the conflict in the Balkans. In addition to Russia, Europe and the United States, there may be representatives of middle Eastern countries and China, which have their own interests in the Balkans.

Earlier, “political Russia” quoted Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, spoke about the goals of NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia twenty years ago.

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