Putin called the su-57 best fighter

Putin called su-57

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the domestic su-57 the best aircraft.

Putin called su-57

The head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that the Russian su-57 is currently the best aircraft in the world. The President of Russia made the corresponding statement during conversation with finalists of competition “Leaders of Russia”.

“Su-57, or PAK FA-so we called it-a promising aviation complex of front-line aviation. He’s the best we have right now. World’s best. On all tactical and technical data, on arms. So no one can fly like our plane”, – quotes” RIA Novosti “ the President of the Russian Federation.

Su-57-domestic fighter of the fifth generation. This aircraft is capable of destroying any kind of air, ground and surface targets. In addition to the fact that the aircraft has an incredibly high maneuverability, it is able to fly at supersonic speed. At the same time, PAK FA has a modern complex of onboard equipment and an excellent ability to hide from the radar of potential opponents.

Earlier, “political Russia” reported that the su-57 is armed with a hypersonic missile made on the basis of the air complex “Dagger”, which was recently integrated into the all-weather interceptor MiG-31 (modified MiG-31K) and long-range supersonic bomber Tu-22M3M. The corresponding project, according to sources in the Ministry of defense, has already been included in the state arms program for 2018-2027. Experts believe that such weapons will be invulnerable – it will overcome any modern air and missile defenses of a potential enemy. Moreover, the range of application of this missile exceeds the mark of two thousand kilometers. Already, many experts say with confidence that the PAK FA is a unique aviation kit, which will be a breakthrough in the world aviation industry.

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