How Russia can dispel the myth of the invincibility of us aircraft carriers

invincibility of aircraft carriers

The expert told how Russia can dispel the myth of the invincibility of us aircraft carriers

invincibility of aircraft carriers

Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu said that Russia has something to respond to the us aircraft carrier threat. He thus specifically for the “political Russia” commented on the statement of the American Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman, who threatened Moscow “100 thousand tons of international diplomacy.”

We are talking about staying in the Mediterranean sea just two shock ship groups of the US Navy led by nuclear aircraft carriers class “Nimitz” Abraham Lincoln and John C. Stennis, on Board of which are based almost 130 combat aircraft. American Ambassador to Russia John huntsman, who watched the exercises of the strike groups, where in addition to Americans also involved ships from Spain, France and Denmark, threatened Russian aircraft carriers, each of which, as he noted, is 100 thousand tons of international diplomacy.

Earlier, the commander of the US Navy in Europe, Admiral James Foggo noted that the military presence of States in the Mediterranean region is due to the “aggressive” activity of the Russian fleet. Under the “aggressive actions” he means the incident in the Kerch Strait, when the Ukrainian Navy ships have illegally intruded into the territorial waters of Russia, and then maneuvered in a dangerous manner and comply with legal requirements of the border service, then the crew of ships of the Ukrainian Navy, was detained. According to the Admiral, Russia has nothing to look for in international waters fully controlled by the US through NATO and other military alliances. However, the Romanian military expert believes that the American Admiral is deeply mistaken.

According to him, Russia is able to respond to all these threats, using its new hypersonic missile in the Mediterranean sea. Russian “Dagger”, as noted by Vasilescu, thanks to its range and great speed is able to “destroy the myth of the invincibility of American aircraft carriers.” The expert recalled that Russia already has a whole squadron of MiG-31K interceptors equipped with hypersonic systems.

Vasilescu believes that in this region, the US Navy can threaten the black sea fleet only with its anti-ship missile “Harpoon” of aviation, ship and submarine-based. Its cruising speed is 864 km/h and its range is 278 kilometers. According to the expert, Russia as a counterweight can place in Syria its MiG-31, which has already “shone” in the SAR. And “Daggers”, the range of which is 2000 kilometers, with a deviation of 2-6 meters certainly will not miss the runways of American aircraft carriers, whose length is 332 meters.

The expert stressed that the Russian “Dagger” the US Navy has nothing to answer. Hypersonic missile accelerates to 12250 km/h (10 Mach), while the upgraded long-range missiles are able to move only at a speed of 4280 km/h, and their maximum ceiling does not exceed 25 thousand meters.

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