Russia is ready to respond to the construction of U.S. naval bases in Ukraine

the construction of naval bases

Experts explained how Russia is ready to respond to the construction of U.S. naval bases in Ukraine

the construction of naval bases

Russia is ready for any us provocations in the Black sea, including the possible construction of us naval bases on the territory of Ukraine.

American bases in Ukraine

As reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the American edition of Breaking Defence, the Pentagon intends to modernize several Ukrainian naval bases in the Black sea. In particular, we are talking about the strengthening and updating of existing piers, the construction of a new floating dock, security systems around the bases, ship repair facilities, as well as two new centers of Maritime operations. Of course, all this will require serious financial injections, but the US is ready to take all the costs.

As noted in an interview with the correspondent of “political Russia” first Deputy Chairman of The State Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin, this news – another proof that Ukraine is no longer an independent state and only complies with the instructions coming to it from Washington.

“It’s a shame for Ukraine that they so shamelessly and cynically betray their national interests. These constant conversations on the subject of national pride, self-identity – nothing more than an attempt to get away from the brotherly people and lie as puppets under the States. Ukraine is interesting to Americans as a transit country of Russian gas and as a country that has common borders with Russia,” the parliamentarian said.

According to him, the idea of building modern naval bases in Ukraine Americans nurtured for a long time, and initially they planned to use for this purpose the Crimean Peninsula. Naturally, the States in this case would have full control over all objects.

“With the regime that the Americans wanted to establish on the territory of Ukraine, it was planned to throw the Russian naval base from Sevastopol. Therefore, the fact that Crimea is now part of the Russian Federation is not just a restoration of historical justice, it is a guarantee of the country’s strategic security. The presence of Crimea gives Russia a very serious advantage in the Black sea,” explains Alexander Sherin.

Thus, today the Americans are only trying to make a reality of what was planned earlier, although for this they had to significantly adjust their plans.

“Sea breeze” as a cover

As noted by the Americans themselves, in recent years, the us Navy construction crews have made several visits to the territory of Ukraine. In particular, right now experts are assessing the strength of existing facilities. At the same time all the work States explain the need to adapt the Ukrainian ports under the annual NATO exercises “Sea breeze”. However, as the military observer of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Victor Baranets notes, this explanation has nothing in common with reality.

“It is already quite obvious that the US teeth cling to the Ukrainian black sea coast. One big tooth they already stuck – two years ago began construction of the center of operational management. When the Americans are asked why it is necessary, they usually talk about the desire to help “Ukrainian friends” in the management of the Navy. Although, as you know, Kiev now has only 16 pieces of leaky boats and one rusty flagship,” the interlocutor of “political Russia”said.

According to him, such actions the Americans are expanding their military presence on the territory of Ukraine. More and more immersed in their military component in the discord that exists in relations between Moscow and Kiev.

“All the talk that the States are conducting exercises in the Black sea and they need a center to manage their forces can be regarded as a typical American hypocrisy and bullshit. Americans are not such antediluvian warriors, not to understand one simple truth: such maneuvers can easily be managed with one of the ships participating in the group. When the real fighting begins, the ships do not experience any problems from the lack of coastal control centers,” Baranets is sure.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that every year NATO ships arrive in the Black sea to conduct exercises, which attract the remaining afloat Ukrainian and even Georgian ships. And the presence of American and other ships in the Black sea should be regarded as a way to exert psychological pressure on Russia.

Americans are not expected in the Black sea

Another point, which is stressed by the Americans, allegedly is the need to ensure security in the black sea. Mainly, we are talking about Ukraine, which for the last five years in the Western media space is portrayed exclusively as a victim.

“Americans come to the Black sea under the pretext of security in the region. But everyone knows that Ukraine at the moment is not in danger. Especially since the NATO bloc in the Black sea is very seriously represented by Turkey, which controls the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. Of course, there are international agreements, but they contain a lot of reservations, thanks to which the Turks will be able to close the passage through these Straits,” explains Alexander Sherin.

According to the Deputy, on a permanent basis, the Americans in the Black sea have nothing to do. Moreover, their long-term stay in any case will be limited to the Montreux Convention, one of the points of which reads as follows: “the Total tonnage of non-black sea ships entering the black sea, should not exceed 30 thousand tons, they can stay there for no more than 21 days.”

Perhaps it is to circumvent this restriction that the us work plan includes the modernization of ship repair facilities: ships that are allegedly in need of repair cannot physically leave the black sea region.

Russia is ready for any threats

There can be no doubt that the Americans are planning to get close to Russia in the Black sea. Therefore, the current actions, of course, should be considered as a threat to Russian security. Another thing is that, as Viktor Baranets notes, Russia has long been accustomed to this threat and thoroughly prepared. Moscow understands that this problem was and will be chronic, so it is unlikely that Washington will be able to catch the Russian command by surprise.

Moreover, there is a positive point in the expansion of Americans in the black sea region, which, at first glance, may not be so obvious.

“The black sea fleet thanks to the activation of NATO in the Black sea gets at its disposal more and more ships and submarines. Only six diesel submarines included in recent years, the combat strength of the CHMF, and the plan of rearmament at all and looks huge. The appearance of such ships allows you to work out combat missions not on a conventional enemy, when our anti-missile boat acts as an American ship, but on real NATO ships. Coming in turn in the water, they give us their passports. Thanks to this, any young contractor can instantly identify the type of vessel by the reflections on the oscillograms. In other words, we create a certain dossier on enemy ships,” explains Viktor Baranets.

According to him, already now the black sea fleet of Russia is an invincible force. And in the future, given the course taken by Russia to develop the military-industrial sector, the power of the FMF will only grow

“Americans know perfectly well what the Crimean self-sufficient group is. We have everything there, only tactical nuclear weapons are missing. And, perhaps, in the end it will appear in Crimea. The President has set a task, and it has actually been completed. Our group is capable today for a long time to reflect any military provocations”, – Baranets is sure.

The same opinion is shared by Alexander Sherin, who notes that Russia in the Black sea has a decisive strategic advantage, which is the Crimean Peninsula.

“Of course, the agreement between the US and Ukraine is unpleasant and does not even cause a neutral relationship. But the presence of the Crimea in the Russian Federation all these efforts of Americans simply nullify. The situation is similar in the Baltic sea: the attempts to create American bases in Poland are completely offset by our presence in the Kaliningrad region. Crimea is even more perfect in this regard. What now has the Navy on the Peninsula, the Americans will never surpass”, – sums up the state Duma Deputy.

Earlier, “political Russia” reported that the Russian military took control of the actions of NATO ships in the black sea. In particular, the British destroyer “Duncan” and the canadian frigate “Toronto”, who conducted maneuvers in the framework of the exercises “Sea breeze”, were in the area of attention of the FMF soldiers.

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