The true goals of NATO military exercises in Europe

objectives of military exercises

The expert revealed the true goals of NATO’s largest military exercises in Europe

objectives of military exercises

Announced by Washington large-scale military exercises Defender 2020 may be a cover for the transfer of additional US troops to Europe. This was exclusively for the “Palarossini” said Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu.

Defender 2020

During the September meeting with Donald trump, Polish President Andrzej Duda confirmed Warsaw’s readiness to pay $ 2 billion for the deployment of an American military base on its territory capable of accommodating up to 15,000 American troops. The Polish leader even offered to name the object in honor of his colleague from the United States – Fort Trump (“Fort trump”).

Trump, in turn, noted that the placement of a permanent us military base on Polish territory will have a positive impact on the security of both Poland and the United States. The us President agreed to increase the number of his troops stationed in Poland, and also decided to place the headquarters of the us divisional command in the Polish city of Poznan. The headquarters will coordinate all operations involving U.S. troops stationed in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.

Moreover, said Valentin Vasilescu, the Pentagon announced that in April-may 2020 in Europe will be the largest in the last 25 years of military exercises Defender 2020 (“Defender 2020”). They will involve up to 20 thousand us soldiers and officers, as well as military equipment. In addition to the US and Germany, 15 NATO Nations will take part in the exercise. The official purpose of these exercises is to increase the combat readiness of NATO countries and deter possible opponents. The United States intends to work out the rapid deployment of a tank division in Europe and an offensive operation in Poland and the Baltic States.

According to the Romanian expert, in fact we are talking about exercises similar to those that the West conducted during the cold war. It is curious that the management of the maneuvers will be carried out not from the German Wiesbaden, and from Poznan, where the new headquarters of the divisional command.

The US is preparing a new transfer of troops

Valentin Vasilescu recalls that until the end of the cold war, the 7th army of the US army, created during the Second world war, was stationed in West Germany and consisted of two army corps, 2-3 divisions in each. Subsequently, however, the Americans were left with only the Italian airborne special operations brigade, the mechanized infantry brigade, the ground artillery brigade and the air defense brigade in Germany. At the same time, the US has adapted and prepared for its military aircraft several dozen air bases in NATO member countries in Europe, allowing them to deploy new air units in less than 24 hours.

The situation began to change in 2014, after the Maidan in Ukraine and Russia’s reunification with Crimea. It was then that Washington began to replenish its military land forces in Europe in the framework of operation “Atlantic resolve” (Atlantic Resolve). To be fair, they were constrained by obligations under the NATO – Russia Founding act of 1997. In order to circumvent the existing restrictions, the States are forced to rotate their troops every 9 months.

To date, the additional U.S. troops stationed in Europe consist of two new brigades. We are talking about a tank brigade (one tank battalion in Poland, Estonia and Latvia, one mechanized infantry battalion and one self-propelled artillery battalion in Germany, one mechanized infantry battalion in Romania) and an aviation brigade with 75 to 90 aircraft, as well as attack helicopters an-64, helicopters CH-47, UV-60 and so on. And this-the deployment of the air force on European territory – is a key factor, according to Vasilescu.

Since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, it has been observed that all American infantry or tank divisions had, in addition to tank, infantry and artillery forces, and an aviation brigade. If you gather all the brigades of the US army deployed simultaneously in Europe, you can see that they represent all the units necessary to create a full division. The headquarters of this division is still located in Wiesbaden and is served by the command battalion. It is the command post of the American division that directs the 7th army of the army.

The expert emphasizes that tank and artillery brigades are usually involved in offensive missions, while the airborne brigade operates in the bowels of the enemy’s defense, in urban, forest or inaccessible areas. And now, thanks to the information about the exercise Defender 2020, we draw conclusions about the existence of two headquarters: one is still located in Germany, and the other is now based in Poland. And from this we can make two assumptions about the true goals that the United States pursues, conducting the largest military exercises in Europe. First, it is possible that now the Americans intend to have two different units in Europe instead of one. And secondly, it is possible that the exercise Defender 2020 Pentagon needs only to disguise the transfer of additional us troops to the European border of Russia, which may be a harbinger of a new provocation. The near future will show whether this is true or not.

Earlier, German politicians criticized NATO’s plans to conduct exercises Defender 2020. In particular, representatives of the Left party said that the upcoming maneuvers are a planned provocation against Russia and, in their opinion, it will lead to concrete steps on the part of Moscow.

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