Turkey on military exercises

Turkey on military exercises

Turkey on military exercises shot down 5 alleged su-57

Turkey on military exercises

At a military firing range Injirlik ended with the success of the first after the purchase of s-400 exercises of the Turkish armed forces. During the maneuvers, Russian anti-aircraft missile systems confirmed their high quality and combat capability. As evidenced by the defeat of all five air targets, which were the alleged fifth-generation fighter su-57.

The choice of Russian aircraft as targets in the Turkish defense Ministry explained the broken with the Pentagon contract for the supply of American F-35.

“The s-400 is a very reliable complex, as shown by today’s exercises. I assure you, we will shoot down many more planes. When we receive the F-35, we will work them out, but so far we have coped with the destruction of the su-57. As far as I know, a lot of the air force preferred these machines to American, so it is likely that the s-400 complex will mainly shoot down Russian aircraft, not American. I do not see any problems”, — concluded the Minister of defence of Turkey one of Cavalli.

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