Why does the US continue to rely on terrorists in Syria?

The United States continues

The expert explained why the U.S. continues to rely on terrorists in Syria

The United States continues

Russian military expert Alexander Perengiev commented on the situation in Syria, where the us military in At-TANF engaged in the training of militants.

According to Syrian sources online edition of the FAN, some time ago in the area of At-TANF was transported several thousand militants “Islamic state” 1 (the organization is banned in Russia), who had previously surrendered on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates. These people were distributed on training camps which are in the occupied territory of the USA. At these sites, they receive military training under the supervision of representatives of the Majmuat Abu Husam group.

The families of the terrorists were sent as hostages to al-Khol camp in Hasaka province. In exchange for their well-being, representatives of ISIS 1 (the organization is banned in Russia) are required to take part in a number of military operations in the so-called White desert. In particular, the attacks on the oil-bearing areas of the province of HOMS, located North of Palmyra.

Another activity of the us military is the seizure of the territories of Central Syria, which is planned to be carried out with the help of Kurdish formations of the “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDF). Representatives of us intelligence agencies met with influential sheikhs and invited them to take part in combat operations West of the Euphrates. In exchange, they offered them a share of the revenues from the mineral deposits located there.

Alexander Perengiev expressed the opinion that the Americans expect to use the “Islamic state” to fight the Syrian army. However, the assistance provided to Damascus by Russia, confused their plans. Washington had to change its tactics. Now the militants are portrayed as saboteurs, which will strike within the Syrian infrastructure.

“They may well be used as saboteurs,” said Alexander Perengiev.

The interlocutor of journalists also noted that the USA is interested in natural resources of Syria which they plan to take under the control by means of terrorists. The expert noted that to wage war with the hands of militants is one of the favorite tactics of the United States. We can assume that Washington is not going to abandon it.

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