How does the US want to fight Russia?

soldiers of the Armed forces

How does the US want to fight Russia?: Romanian military expert assessed the fiasco of American paratroopers in Germany

soldiers of the Armed forces

The Western media is very fond of paying attention to the incidents related to the Russian army. At the same time, soldiers of the US and NATO Armed forces themselves often become objects for jokes because of their unprofessionalism. Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu specifically for” political Russia ” shared his opinion on this matter.

The British press laughed a lot at the thick smoke left by the old Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. However, this ship completed its mission in the Mediterranean sea, near the coast of Syria.

Meanwhile, NATO is planning a large number of new military exercises in Europe, which will simulate the operations that units would have to perform in a possible war with Russia. These activities are PR actions that lead to losses caused by wear and tear of the equipment. This applies to the 173 U.S. airborne brigade, which took part in the training landing from the C-130 Hercules aircraft on the territory of the Hohenfels base in Germany.

During the landing, Humvee cars broke belts and hit the ground hard, which led to their destruction. The cost of the SUV is $ 220,000. Each Humvee is supported by 3 large g-11B parachutes. The good luck of the American military is that the personnel is landed separately from equipment and ammunition. The question arises how the us military will act in real conditions, having Russia as an opponent?

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