“If you want a split on NATO-get»

“Do you want a split on NATO-get”: Ukrainian sociologist revealed inconvenient for Kiev truth

the split in NATO

Ukrainian sociologist Eugene Kopatko commented on the last amendment to the Constitution.

On the eve of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted amendments to the Constitution. Now Kiev’s desire to get into the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance is fixed at the level of the basic law of the state. It should be noted that for the document offered by the President Petro Poroshenko the absolute majority – 334 deputies from 385 voted.

But not everything is so smooth in the Ukrainian society. The results of the sociological survey on “If today held a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO, how would you vote”, showed public resonance. 46% voted “for”, another 32% – against, 14% – found it difficult to answer and 8% refused to vote. The situation was commented by the expert Eugene Kopatko in the program ” 60 minutes»:

“If you want a split of society on the issue of NATO, you will get it on the election campaign. Here the most essential risk is in the United States because if the USA come as in Ochakovo on the territory in the form of military bases and other things – here it will be a serious challenge. Commercializing such things is stupid, because human life is behind it. Not everything in this life is measured by money»

The Ukrainian sociologist also stressed that joining the North Atlantic Alliance now is an additional risk and challenge for the country. He believes that the amendments made to the Constitution and fixed the course of accession to NATO and the EU, were another step towards the split of society.

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