Western media told about the advantages of the drone


Western media spoke about the advantages of the new Russian “cardboard” drone


In Russia, create a new weapon that can be one of the best alternatives to deal with enemy drones (UAVs). This is stated in the article of the Western edition of C4ISRNET, the translation of which is exclusively for its readers is “political Russia”.

Recently, the TV channel “Star” on the air of the program “Military acceptance” was shown a drone rocket developed by specialists of the “Special technology center” (STC), which is located in St. Petersburg.

C4isrnet columnist Kelsey Atherton writes that the video shows how a quadrocopter flying over the field was taken to the RAM by a rocket-drone. He notes that the object caught in the UAV looks as if it is made of foam and cardboard.

“The simplicity and low cost of the involved parts create a potentially new alternative to combat enemy drones,” the article said in the Western edition.

It is noted that today almost all countries of the world use expensive missiles or complex EW systems to destroy or disable UAVs.

Advantages of the Russian drone rocket

The article presents the words of a military expert, an employee of the American foreign policy Council Samuel Bendett, who believes that Russian designers have created an interesting weapon that can be armed with infantry.

“This “stupid cardboard rocket”, using navigation, is able to destroy drones without using explosives,” – said the source C4ISRNET.

Military expert called the Russian development of “drone-RAM”. He is confident that if the UAV created by the STC, will pass all the tests and will be adopted, it will become an indispensable part of the equipment of some troops.

“A small, easy – to-use, hand-launched drone can be handy for infantry equipment,” said Samuel Bendett

He believes that the “drone-RAM” will allow Russian military units to get rid of unwanted surveillance, even in the field.

Today, the armed forces of many countries of the world are faced with cheap commercial drones that are used as weapons, so Russia is engaged in the development of equipment that could disable enemy drones without large financial costs.

According to Samuel Bendett, one of the main advantages of the new UAV is the fact that it does not use explosives to eliminate the target, which can be dangerous for people nearby.

“The absence of explosives and a relatively quiet single-screw motor make the” drone-RAM ” a quiet weapon for disabling enemy UAVs,” – said the military expert.

Earlier, “political Russia” told that the Western media consider the Russian unmanned aerial vehicle, armed with a 12-caliber carbine, a real nightmare for potential opponents of Moscow.

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