Russia’s response to ” Belarusian seafood»


“Even shrimps survive in harsh Russian conditions”: the expert told about Russia’s response to ” Belarusian seafood»


Russian political expert Alexei Mukhin spoke about how Kaluga Maloyaroslavets managed to implement a project for the production of Pacific king prawns.

Alexey Mukhin on his page in the social network Facebook left a record in which he recalled that in Russia some time ago with irony reacted to the fact that Belarus has become one of the exporters of shrimp. As the expert noted, the Kaluga region has prepared a worthy response to the Belarusian colleagues.

“Here’s something. In Kaluga Maloyaroslavets flourishes shrimp production of Pacific king prawns. True Malek imported from the United States < … > Farm three years, and she enjoys the attention of the Kaluga government,” writes Alexei Mukhin.

According to the political scientist, the production of shrimp was organized by a native of Boston, a man has been living in Russia for more than 30 years, he recently received Russian citizenship. As for the profitability of this project, it has already begun to generate some income.

“We just need to understand that even shrimp survive in harsh Russian conditions,” concluded Alexey Mukhin.

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