Germany vetoed the construction of the beer pipeline

beer pipeline

Germany vetoed the construction of Czech beer pipeline to Scandinavia

beer pipeline

The Czech government, previously agreed with Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland construction of the beer pipeline “Bohemian stream” was refused to lay a pipe on the territory of Germany. The main line was to ensure the uninterrupted supply of Czech beer to the Scandinavian market, significantly reducing the cost of the drink for customers. It was assumed that the starting point of the route will be the village of Krusovice, and the exit point – in Copenhagen, where the beer would be distributed further to the Scandinavian countries.

Under pressure from Chancellor Angela Merkel, the project was rejected during consideration in the Bundestag. The representative of the Ministry of ecology of Germany Heinrich Brandt noted that the construction of such a beer pipeline will violate the fragile ecosystem of the Baltic sea.

Czech experts note that the “Bohemian stream” would seriously bring down the position of German beer in the Scandinavian market.

Residents of the Scandinavian countries met the decision of the European Commission with undisguised disappointment. Thus, the Organization for consumer protection of Sweden made the following statement: “We are again faced with the indifference of the European Union to our only needs. Once again, Germany dictates its own rules of the game. In this case, we should think about how to turn to our Eastern partner China – because Chinese beer is not inferior to Czech”.

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