Google disables Huawei smartphones

Google disables Huawei smartphones

Google has launched a program for remote shutdown of Huawei smartphones

Google disables Huawei smartphones

Google started the program on remote disabling of smartphone brands Huawei with download special software. Such measures are necessary to implement the sanctions of the government against the Chinese Corporation, explained in Google.

The download of the corresponding software started at 12:02 on may 23, the researchers report. Later, the company confirmed that they had to do it at the request of the government.

The program outputs the phone down, is called the Cleaner.the apk is downloaded through a special backup channel, usually used to install spyware on demand by the FBI. Next, it gets root access through the vulnerability CVE-2016-288500 opened in 2016 and begins to repeatedly change the processor voltage from minimum to critically high. This leads to its hardware failure of the phone for a period of 20 minutes to 6 hours, depending on the smartphone model. In some cases, there is a ignition of the lithium battery, according to users of the XDA-Developers forum.

Huawei has already announced the release of a program-blocker that prevents damage to the phone. Owners of Huawei smartphones are recommended to urgently turn off their devices, download the “antivirus” and install it using a USB-cable, without activating the Internet connection, in order to prevent the download of the “sanctioned” program from Google.

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