Perry demanded more Americans to the Board of “Naftogaz»


Perry demanded Zelensky to introduce more Americans to the Supervisory Board of  “Naftogaz»


The Minister of energy of the United States of America Rick Perry appealed to the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to make changes to the Supervisory Board of the company “Naftogaz”, according to Politico.

According to Perry, the Council should include more Americans, which will reduce the dependence of the Ukrainian state on the supply of hydrocarbons from Russia. Also, the head of the us Ministry of energy is confident that such a step will contribute to attracting American investors.

Note that at the moment the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” includes assistant to former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden Amos Hochstein. He is an employee of Tellurian, a natural gas liquefaction company. In addition to his Supervisory Board consists of Bruno Lasker and Claire Spottiswoode. The former previously worked for French energy company Engie, the latter for British Gas Strategies.

In turn, Rick Perry believes it is necessary to include in the Board of some employees of companies that work in Texas, the home state of the American Minister of energy. Among them are Pelicourt LLC employee Robert Bensh and stock company representative Michael blazer. Both work in Houston.

The press service of the us Department of energy did not confirm this information, limiting the message that Perry urged Kiev to carry out reforms in the business and energy sectors of the country.

Information checks the White house. His representative referred questions to the Ministry of energy.

Recall that in the near future should be held a trilateral meeting of Russia, Ukraine and the EU, which will discuss the issue of gas supplies to the territory of the Ukrainian state. On the eve of the meeting, the head of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko appealed to Gazprom to unlock access to natural gas from Turkmenistan and from independent suppliers from Russia.

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