Refusal to donate money recognized as a way of discrimination

Refusal to donate money

Refusal to donate money to a civilian journalist recognized as a way of discrimination and pressure

Refusal to donate money

The UN Commission on human rights has issued amendments to the list of prohibited types of pressure and discrimination and made the avoidance or deliberate refusal to donate money to civil journalists.

The explanatory publication on the unit’s website States that the work of citizen journalists should be paid in accordance with the “social contract, which is concluded at the moment when someone decided to work as a journalist in the interests of society and receive payment through the collection of donations”.

“Refusal to transfer money to the accounts of independent reporters, analysts and organizations is the same theft as if you left the restaurant without paying. When a citizen journalist starts working, he concludes a contract with you: he must serve the public interest, and society provides it. Society has no right not to pay it. The money, which should provide payment for its labor, belong to him, not you,” explained UN high Commissioner Robert Mccallahan.

The organization did not specify how exactly they propose to bring the perpetrators to justice, but noted that this problem is particularly acute in countries such as Greece, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Poland and others. The governments of the listed States will be requested to contribute to the improvement of the situation.

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