Russia takes nothing


Russia takes nothing: Yevgeny Kiselyov surprised at the strength of Russian state


Russian and Ukrainian journalist Evgeny Kiselev assessed the situation in Russia, which has been under sanctions for the last few years.

Evgeny Kiselev in an interview with journalists of the Ukrainian edition of “Kraina” reminded that in 2014 many world experts declared that economic sanctions of the West, and also low prices of hydrocarbons will break Russia. The country will not withstand such pressure, there will be a situation similar to that in 1991. The journalist admitted that by the end of 2018 it can be stated that these forecasts were not justified.

The interlocutor of journalists noted that, to the surprise of many people, Russia feels very well. Many analysts even had to change their opinion, now they say that the state in such conditions can exist almost forever.

“Many observers say that this can last almost forever,” said Evgeny Kiselev.

Earlier, “political Russia” quoted ex-Rada Deputy Vladimir Oleynik, who admitted that over the past few years, Russia has significantly strengthened its position in the world.

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