The scenery of the Apollo missions to put on eBay

The Scenery Apollo

The scenery for the filming of the moon “flight” Apollo missions to put on eBay

The Scenery Apollo

One of the oldest Hollywood studios Sun Pictures put up for sale on eBay scenery that was used to shoot flights to the moon by American astronauts. The authenticity of the lot is confirmed by the administration of the site, which attracted experts for this purpose.

A full set of decorations includes three layout of the lunar module, of which the shootings involved two bags of “moon dust”, six huge panoramas of the sky and the lunar horizon, suits, filters, and now after hours hydraulic crane equipment, manufactured specifically for the film. As a gift, the buyer will receive films with unsuccessful takes.

The item description notes that Sun Pictures puts the “most prized artifact” of the Studio. The starting price of the lot is $ 6 million-almost as much the film company owed its creditors by the beginning of the year, according to open statistics.

“Until 2015, we had certain agreements with NASA, but the other side, unfortunately, refused to extend them, so we have to put all this equipment up for auction. I am sure we will interest collectors and get enough money,” – said the lawyer of the company Harry bell.

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