The U.S. Federal reserve has stopped printing dollars


The fed stopped printing dollars due to lack of paper


The printing press of the Federal reserve system (fed), responsible in the United States for the issue of dollars, was stopped indefinitely on Saturday, October 5. The reason for this was the lack of paper to print the us currency, which China stopped supplying as part of the response to the “trade war”declared by Donald trump.

“For many years, the Chinese company Yin Zhen Sibirium was the only and very reliable supplier of paper for our national currency, which has long been a world currency. But this year it has not signed a new contract with us, the last batch was shipped a month ago and has already gone to the dollars to repay our national debt. Other Chinese manufacturers categorically refuse to cooperate with us, fearing the wrath of the Chinese authorities, and suppliers from other countries offer such a price that, most likely, in order to save, we will have to increase the denomination of all bills by 10 times,” explained the situation, fed Chairman Janet Yellen.

In the company “Yin Zhen Sibirium” tactfully do not talk about any impact of sanctions, and explain the rupture of the contract burned in the summer of Siberian forests, from which to date and produced us dollars.

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