С Днем Рождения тебя, русский Дункан Маклауд!

Russian Duncan Macleod

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Lenin, and the Word was Lenin.

Russian Duncan Macleod

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Lenin, and the Word was Lenin.

April 22 in his hometown of Diana Shurygina (then it was called Simbirsk) was born the leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Lenin – a person whose disputes do not cease to this day. However, he was born with the last name Ulyanov, Lenin has become then, and a major domestic superhero after the death.

Ilyich – our Russian Duncan Macleod, like many good things, came to us from Europe and founded a new state, which our people have never been and will never be again. Lived a bit, died and left their priceless precepts descendents.

It is rumored that once before his death Ilyich uttered a phrase that served as the name for the uncomplicated film of Valeria guy-germanics “Everyone will die, and I will stay” and stayed for a long time at the Kremlin, where Russian tsars always sat, although under different names of their positions.

The story that the gods live on Olympus or in heaven is nothing more than a mythologem, while our God Lenin is here – in the center of Moscow. You can come to him, pray, complain about officials or the inability to find a job, praise for the NEP and the creation of a great state. Can this boast of the same Egypt or the Mexican Aztecs? The British also realized that to build mausoleums for outstanding personalities is correct and profitable, but Churchill’s Mausoleum is still in the project, and Lenin’s Mausoleum has already precisely repelled all costs.

In principle, there are no limits to perfection and the mausoleum itself can be improved and made even more profitable. For example, you can make it an extension and arrange sales for the people or open the “five” — so the desire to visit the complex will be even greater. At the same time, the main thing is to preserve our national relic – the body of Ilyich, which is constantly threatened to take out of the Mausoleum. The news of the annual exercise to remove the leader’s body should not be considered bad news. No one is immune from fires and natural disasters, but the proposal of the Ministry of culture to bury half of Lenin in another place causes concern. Regardless of the decision on Lenin’s body, it is important to preserve the memory of the national hero in every locality of the country, because not everyone in the era of capitalism can get to Moscow and pay tribute to him in the capital of our country, but every citizen should be able to touch the great in his city or village.

The outstanding role of Ilyich realized in the States, where he was named after Lenin main street anchorage, and in almost his native Switzerland. There even bought and installed dismantled in Kharkov monument. Everyone remembers the power of the Soviet state, left by the leader of the proletariat descendants: and departed from us last year, George Bush senior, and the living head of the IOC Thomas Bach, panicked by Ilyich at the Olympics athletes from the USSR. But compatriot Bach – Ralph Smolka decided to hoist the portraits of Marx and Lenin on the building of the Bavarian Parliament.

We, in turn, do not save Ilyich. In Astrakhan, the monument to Lenin floated on the Volga, it is good that at least it was pulled out by divers, and in Yekaterinburg the monument was converted into a monument to Yegor Gaidar. Only two students of the Moscow higher education institution who led foreigners to a false mausoleum acted worse. There were, of course, and the right initiatives, as a competition on his feet for the monument to Lenin in Ulan-Ude, but the event ended in a complete fiasco. The only good news came from Dixon in the Krasnoyarsk region. The local air Harbor was named after Ilyich.

Despite all misadventures Lenin lived and will live and will forever remain our domestic a superhero. And though the illusionist Copperfield tried to steal the mausoleum from red square, and with it the memory of Lenin, nothing came of it. Our cultural heritage is firmly standing near the Kremlin walls, and soon there is also a “Pyaterochka” will open – the same red as the banner of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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