Klintsevich said the former Director of the CIA

Klintsevich said the former Director of the CIA

Enough to distort the facts: Klintsevich said the former Director of the CIA, who called Russia a “gift” for NATO

Klintsevich said the former Director of the CIA

Member of the Federation Council Franz Klintsevich commented on the statement of exCIA Director David Petraeusdedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

David Petraeus in his speech at the conference Raisina Dialogue expressed the opinion that Russia and Vladimir Putin are “the biggest gift” for NATOAccording to himMoscow gave the Alliance a “reason to exist“.

Franz Klintsevich on his page on the social network Facebook left a record in which he stated that the former Director of the CIA distorts the factsdeliberately swapping cause and effectAs the politician notedRussia has to constantly respond to the threat coming from NATOThusthe main source of problems is not Moscowbut the Western Alliance.

The Russian politician recalled that Moscow has repeatedly offered the West to put an end to the confrontationbut this initiative has not found understanding.

Apparentlycertain influential circles in the West andabove allin the United Statesdid not like this course of eventsand it turned out what happened,” said Franz Klintsevich.

As Klintsevich notedNATO expansion to the East forced Russia to resort to retaliatory measuresMoscow has made serious adjustments to the country’s defense policyThis situation has led to the emergence of a “new geopolitical order” in the worldwhich the American side is trying to challengebut it is unlikely that it will succeed.

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