Again challenge Russia

Again challenge Russia

“Attempts to find strings to challenge Russia again”: expert on the British ship sighted in the Black sea
The HMS Echo reconnaissance vessel, owned by the British Royal Navy, was seen in the waters of the Black sea.

On Tuesday, December 18, in the black sea was seen reconnaissance vessel HMS Echo, owned by the British Royal Navy. The ship went North. This is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the Istanbul information portals, which published photos of his passage through the Bosphorus.

Again challenge Russia

Despite the fact that in the house of lords there were calls for a review of the decision to send a reconnaissance ship to the Black sea, London took this step. Against the background of the Russian-Ukrainian incident that occurred on November 25 in the Kerch Strait, the former commander of the British Royal Navy said that such decisions are, to put it mildly, not a good idea. In case of a negative development of the situation in the Black sea, the ship will not be able to defend itself.

The President of ANO “Eurasian Institute of research and support of youth initiatives” Yuri Sergeevich Samarkin in interview to correspondents “Palarossini” evaluated a provocative move on the part of the UK.

“First of all, after the events in the Kerch Strait, Western colleagues, in particular the United Kingdom, decided to check us for lice, how we will react to it. The mission was more of an intelligence – only nature. They looked at what our position in the Black sea is, what weapons, how everything is located, whether all this is well and reliably strengthened. There just is our black sea fleet. Here the UK, in my opinion, has no independent subjectivity in making this decision. Naturally, all this is done with the filing of the same American intelligence services. They asked to collect intelligence and check the reaction of Russia”, – said the expert.

According to Yuri Samarkin, United Kingdom would deny this fact, or would say that he didn’t mean any military threat.

“It is natural that this step on the part of the UK, although they will now deny it or say that he did not mean any military threat, it is worth paying attention. Western countries have not calmed down on the topic of the Kerch provocation, belonging to the Black sea and the status of the Crimea and are trying to find some more ties to challenge Russia again. This region, like the middle East and Africa, somehow again became of great value to them. Here we can recommend our Ministry of defence and special services to monitor these provocations and prevent anything of the kind. Because the situation in the Kerch Strait was greatly inflated in the InoSMI, when against the background of violation of the borders of the Russian Federation we were made an aggressor. In fact, we defended our interests,” the expert is outraged.

The interlocutor of “political Russia” is sure, both this, and previous provocations in the Black sea were planned.

“Now they will try to do something new. In any case, we need to defend this from a diplomatic and international point of view and talk about the inadmissibility of violating the integrity of the territorial borders of the Russian Federation, including in water space. Because the Black sea, the Navy, the Crimean Peninsula are ours, we must protect them strenuously. Here we are talking about our national security and the security of those projects that we are conducting, in particular, attention should be focused on the new Kerch bridge,” the expert concluded.

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