“American setup”: the experts explained who the US will do the real damage, the collapse of the INF Treaty

“American setup”: the experts explained who the US will do the real damage, the collapse of the INF Treaty

US withdrawal from the INF Treaty

Russian leader Vladimir Putin decided to suspend Russia’s membership in the INF Treaty. The Russian President said this during a working meeting with foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“We will do the following. Our answer will be mirrored. Our American partners have announced that they are suspending their participation in the Treaty, and we are suspending it. They announced that they are engaged in R & d, R & d and development work, and we will do the same”,-said Vladimir Putin.

As told in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, Washington officially notified Moscow of the suspension of its participation in the INF TREATY and the beginning of the procedure of withdrawal from it by the relevant note of the US state Department.

Director of the center for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov during a conversation with a journalist of “political Russia” commented on the suspension of Russian membership in the Treaty. As the analyst noted, Moscow alone cannot support the agreement.

“Our answer is simply a mirror. We did not go out their INF, the Americans were the first to do it. They do not want to support this agreement, and unilaterally we will not support it,” he said.

According to the expert, breaking up the INF Treaty, Washington does not harm itself or Russia, but jeopardizes the European Union.

“For whom is this a problem? This is not a problem for Russia or the United States. This is a problem in Europe, because in the near future the Americans will place on European territory the ground-based cruise ballistic missiles, which were banned by the INF. Most likely, some of these missiles will be in nuclear equipment. We, accordingly, will redirect our strategic forces to these weapons, and Europe will be the extreme – the battlefield. Americans simply substitute Europeans, “ the analyst said.

Ivan Konovalov stressed that now Brussels has only six months before the States finally withdraw from the Treaty, which will mark the transformation of Europe into a potential battlefield.

“Now there are six months for European politicians to finally turn their heads, stop indulging Washington, and try to protect their own countries. Out of the INF Treaty, the Americans did not care about Europe: in 1987, the Treaty was signed in order to free the Europeans from the possible consequences of the cold war. Why is the US doing this? To again place in the European territory of the missiles that they there previously had to be removed. As a result, Europe will have to answer,” he concluded.

The same opinion in conversation with the journalist of “political Russia” was expressed by the expert of the Center of military and political journalism Vladimir Orlov. He recalled that Washington decided on the INF TREATY in 2017, and admitted that the purpose of this step is to destabilize the situation in the European region.

“The Americans were going to withdraw from the INF Treaty in 2017. This process was not initiated yesterday or even the day before yesterday. However, this topic received its media pumping closer to the end of 2018. The reasons why the American financial and political establishment initiated this whole process, and the United States sharply headed for a way out of the cornerstones of agreements with Russia, which ensured peace and security on our planet, most likely, are the desire of Washington’s elite to destabilize the situation in Europe,” Orlov said.

According to the expert, now the States will actively work on inflating the topic of the Treaty, forcing the situation.

“The timing of this destabilization, which, according to the us, should also catch Russia, is difficult to name. Nevertheless, the pumping of this confrontation process will now be carried out constantly, and the States will make every effort to ensure that the confrontation, the degree of its tension grows monthly,” the source of “political Russia”is sure.

Also, the analyst explained that Russia can not be called a violator of the INF TREATY. According to the expert, after the States finally collapse the Treaty, in the European region, militarily, the United States may be one step ahead of Russia by means of medium and shorter range.

“Today, Russia does not have as such medium-range and shorter-range ground-based missiles. Even the missiles to which the Americans clung – “Iskander” – do not have such a mass number, and do not fall under the criteria that are usually attributed to this Treaty. At the same time, the US already has launchers in Europe. That is, the Americans can simply overload their sea-based missiles on the ground, and from there to launch them.

At present, the United States is more well prepared to deploy medium-range and shorter-range missiles in Europe: you just need to increase the production of those, and that’s all. Russia does not have such missiles. We have sea-based Kalibr missiles, but their deployment on the ground requires modernization, new tests and so on. That is, it will take some time, “ said Vladimir Orlov.

The expert stressed that Russia can easily neutralize the American advantage.

“We also need to understand this aspect: in the case of the deployment of American missiles in Europe, the decision-making center for their use will be located in the United States, not in a European country. At the same time, we, possessing weapons of the same class, will not be able to place them directly at the American borders to threaten their territory. In any case, we have to rely on strategic weapons for a possible response. And this is a long flight duration, so here the States have an advantage in terms of decision-making time to counter. In this case, we will have to catch up with them, build capacity, as well as develop such weapons systems that neutralize the American advantage: these are missiles that could be placed on submarines that can approach North America, or the placement of missiles in a number of suitable areas,” he said.

Among other things, the analyst predicted further escalation of the issue on the INF TREATY with the participation of a number of European countries, where anti-Russian policy is popular, and where they indulge all American whims, even at the expense of their security.

“Most likely, the conflict with the INF TREATY should wait for new rounds of exacerbation. Probably, it will be pedaled by the States of the Eastern European region – members of the European Union. In addition to the Baltic countries, it is possible to connect the European States of the black sea basin”, – concluded Vladimir Orlov.

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