China will abolish the presumption of innocence

presumption of innocence

China will abolish the presumption of innocence for officials

presumption of innocence

Chairman of the Supreme people’s court of China Shi Zhusin, addressing the Plenum of the Presidium of the Central Committee, said the need to abolish the principle of presumption of innocence for officials suspected of embezzlement or theft of national money and property. According to him, the Chinese courts render almost 15% of acquittals against corrupt officials due to the fact that the investigation fails to prove the facts of crimes. As a result of the reform, it is planned to reduce this figure to 2%.

China’s judicial system has been reformed many times in recent years. Thus, in 2011, the right to early release was abolished for officials convicted of corruption, in 2014 China began to withdraw their University diplomas and deprive them of scientific degrees, and in 2015, for the right to use the services of a lawyer, corrupt officials had to pay a state fee of 10 thousand us dollars. XI Jinping called the initiative of the Supreme court judges laudable and promised to achieve the adoption of this law in the near future.

“We thank Mr. Chairman of the Supreme people’s court for his initiative. The government is determined to permanently eliminate corruption, theft, organized crime and any suspicion of dishonesty by our officials. If the servant of the people is clean before the law, I am sure that he will be able to prove it in court and without any presumption of innocence and advice of a lawyer,” XI Jinping said.

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