Delicately click Japanese comrades on the nose


“Gracefully click Japanese comrades on the nose”: the Old men appreciated the “diplomatic dance” of Moscow and Tokyo


Russia clicked Japan on its nose. So commented on the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” public figure, political scientist, writer Nikolai Starikov last statement of the Russian foreign Ministry, in which Russia has made it clear that no transfer of the Islands to the Japanese side will not.

The political scientist called all the twists and turns that continue between Russia and Japan for more than one month about the Kuril Islands and the peace Treaty “diplomatic dance” that Russia needed for certain purposes.

According to Starikov, the Russian foreign Ministry made a tough statement on the Kurils on the eve of the arrival of Tokyo officials to Moscow for negotiations on the signing of a peace Treaty. He noted that it was not accidental.

“This diplomatic dance continues with the Gorbachev period and now there is a new “PA”. Maybe there is a desire to get something from the Japanese. For some reason, we do not want to freeze relations with Japan. If we now take a tough position with Tokyo, our relations will move to the point of freezing, and this is probably the Russian authorities do not want,” the expert said.

Starikov called the transfer of the Kuril Islands a political suicide and stressed that any politician understands this very well.

“Today, any high-level politician who tries to transfer part of the territories of the Russian Federation will simply reset his rating. Handing something over to someone is political suicide. Why was it necessary to excite the public in Russia? In order to gracefully click Japanese comrades on the nose, “ – said the analyst.

Starikov added that Russia does not need a peace Treaty with Japan, because you can perfectly exist and interact without it, as it was before.

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