Poland. Independence day USA

Poland independence Day

Poland celebrated us independence Day.

Poland independence Day

In Poland for the first time celebrated this holiday at the highest state level. President Andrzej Duda read out the text of Donald trump’s address to the Polish people on live TV channels and radio stations.

A number of celebrations were held in Warsaw. At 9 a.m. local time, the flag of the United States was hoisted in all state and municipal institutions, and in Castle square, a choir of 500 schoolchildren sang the national American anthem. At 10 am in the capital began a military parade with decommissioned American equipment.

Also during the day was a concert with participation of stars of American and Polish music, and the Warsaw Teatr Narodowy will show performance “the Liberators” on the US role in the world order and the formation of the Polish sovereignty. Festive events were held in other major cities of the country.

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