Success in trying to dissuade Turkey from buying S-400


Mike Pompeo appropriated US successes in trying to dissuade Turkey from buying S-400


The us Secretary of state said that the White house has achieved “success” in trying to dissuade Ankara from buying Russian SAMS.

Today, April 5, it became known that Mike Pompeo appropriated to the United States some “successes” in attempts to dissuade Turkey from acquisition of S-400. The Secretary of state, talking about the success of Washington, still mentioned the fact that the final decision remains with Ankara. This statement the chief of American diplomacy expressed on Friday on Fox News.

Most of all, Pompeo said that all countries that are part of the North Atlantic Alliance should contribute to strengthening “collective security”.

“If we see that a country like Turkey decides to buy not just an AK-47, but a significant, important, Russian system, we are doing everything possible to convince them that they should not perform this transaction,” TASS quotes him as saying.

When asked whether the American side’s consultations with Ankara were successful due to the fact that the Turks should not buy Russian SAMS, the us Secretary of state replied that Washington “is making progress in this direction.”

Earlier, Konstantin Blokhin, a specialist of the RAS security research Center, said that the message of the Turkish President about the profitability of Russia’s proposal for the supply of s-400 SAMS compared to the us proposal for Patriot missile DEFENSE systems, indicates a crisis in NATO.

Recall that the Turkish authorities reported that Ankara will not abandon its plans to buy S-400.

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