The West attributes its sins to Moscow


The West attributes its sins to Moscow: the expert explained the appearance of a fake about the Russian military in Sudan


Western statements about the presence of Russian troops in Sudan are nothing more than another throw in the global information war. About it today, on January 11, reports FBA “Economy today”.

The Network began to spread information that in the Sudanese capital Khartoum allegedly are Russian military. The reason for this was published by some British “expert” photos of European type of people in civilian clothes, who move through the streets of the city presumably on the truck brand “Ural”.

To say that the assumption is far-fetched, perhaps, does not make sense – so everything is obvious. In particular, in the same Khartoum Russian geologists are working as vehicles using just trucks “Ural”. Moreover, these machines are used to transport people and goods around the world. For example, the” Urals “were used in the aftermath of the flood in New Orleans – it is interesting, according to the British” expert”, in Louisiana also operates the Russian army?

In fact, such provocative statements are nothing more than another attempt to misinform our country. About it in conversation with the correspondent BAFS “the Economy today”, said Russian historian Alexander Zdanevich. According to him, Sudan has always been a zone of British interests, which “cut and shed blood” for this country for a very, very long time. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it was the “expert” from Britain who became the author of this fake. In fact, in Khartoum is full of a variety of equipment, and anyone can drive it.

The expert of the International Institute for humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Bruter echoes him. According to him, Khartoum, unlike southern Sudan, black citizens make up less than half of all residents. So be surprised, that in the truck were faces European looks, at least foolish.

It is important to note that the progressive restoration of Russia’s positions in Africa, of course, can not please the representatives of the West, which in recent decades have become accustomed to the almost undivided exploitation of the resources of the Black continent. According to Vladimir Shapovalov, Deputy Director Of the Institute of history and politics, candidate of historical Sciences, this discontent has become a catalyst for the start of a large-scale information war against Russia, which is now beginning to be actively accused of interfering in the internal Affairs of African States. The paradox is that the West attributes its own sins to Moscow-the US and EU countries are actively present in all forms and spheres on the continent.

And fakes like the one published by the British “expert” are just one of the most popular tools of such a war. It is clear that for such pictures there is no evidence base, which, in General, is not needed, because the main thing here is a provocation. And, according to Vladimir Shapovalov, such attacks to our country should be expected in the future – in the near future, new information reasons will be created for this.

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