Armen Gasparyan

Putin has outstanding patience: expert on the response of the President of the Russian Federation to a question from Ukrainian journalist Tsymbalyuk

Armen Gasparyan

Russian political expert Armen Gasparyan commented on the press conference of Vladimir Putin, where the Russian President answered the question of Ukrainian journalist UNIAN Roman Tsymbalyuk.

Armen Gasparyan left a record on his Twitter page, in which he drew attention to the actions of Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, who asked about the situation in Donbass. The political scientist recalled that the above-mentioned journalist is a regular guest at Putin’s press conferences, where he regularly differs in provocative actions.

As Gasparyan noted, Tsymbalyuk has a very scandalous reputation and at the same time he was given the opportunity to ask the Russian President a question. According to the expert, such a situation would be impossible in the United States.

Putin has outstanding patience: expert on the answer of the President of the Russian Federation to a question from a Ukrainian journalist

Putin still has outstanding patience. From year to year easily answer rude questions Tsimbalyuk. Trump would have called not only fake news, but also a chair would have killed from the heart, Armen Gasparyan writes.

As for the response of Vladimir Putin, the President drew attention to the fact that the Russian side provides humanitarian support to the residents of Donbass, who are experiencing a number of difficulties, as the Ukrainian authorities introduced a continuous economic blockade of these territories.

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