The article is about a Soviet origin g-string

origin of thongs

In the French fashion magazine published an article about the Soviet origin of the Thong

origin of thongs

In the French fashion magazine Oficielle released another material on the history of fashion. This time journalists of the edition told readers history of emergence of a Thong – the variety of mini-panties finding huge popularity in the world. According to fashion historian Jean Levenson, this piece of women’s clothing has its roots in the Soviet Union.

“The first Thong was sewn at the Leningrad factory “Worker” in 1946 directly by order of the Soviet Ministry of light industry. The war ended, the clothes were few, the fabric was also not enough. However, the party instructed to close the issue with women’s underwear, without spending huge amounts of money. To save money, Soviet designers came up with not to cover the back of the panties with a cloth. This gave a number of advantages in terms of the total number of units of clothing, because you can sew more,” – said Levenzon.

When asked by the journalist what exactly prevented the launch of the Thong into mass production in the USSR, the historian replied that the blame for this is the Soviet bureaucracy and the personal will of the head of state – Stalin.

“It is interesting that the plans of the light Industry were provided and male models. At first, the party leadership gave the go-ahead, but after the fashion show to Stalin, he said that this is a capitalist model for whores and that in his native Georgia, if a woman wears this, then it can do whatever they want. So, the idea of the Soviet Thong was abandoned, but the drawings somehow got to the countries of Western Europe, where the idea fortunately was implemented,” Levenzon concluded.

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