The Chinese beat the American

The Chinese beat the American

The Chinese beat the American for denying the victory of the USSR in world war II

The Chinese beat the American

At the March of the “Immortal regiment” held in Paris, the police detained Chinese and US citizens for fighting. As it is noted in the report, both participants of the conflict didn’t go in a column, and watched process of the opposite side of the street.

“I was walking through the Champs Elysees and saw this procession. I know that it is called “Immortal regiment” and is devoted to participants of the Second world war. In China, this event is well covered. I was approached by an American and asked what it was, I explained to him in a nutshell. Then he suddenly said that the war was won by America and Canada. I firmly insisted on the victory in the war of the USSR, he did not agree, I had to use my Boxing skills. I broke his nose and damaged his teeth,” commented the incident, a Chinese citizen.

American citizen of the comments to the press refrained, citing ill health. Now he is in the hospital.

The first court hearing in the case of violation of public order will be held on may 18. Participants in the fight face fines and deportation from France.

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