The European broadcasting Union will add points to Eurovision participants»

European broadcasting Union

The European broadcasting Union will add points to Eurovision participants with non-traditional sexual orientation

European broadcasting Union

At the end of the Congress of the European broadcasting Union (EBU) in tel Aviv, changes were made in the calculation of points for the participants of the annual Eurovision song contest. For more objective results, the jury members suggested adding additional points to the performers representing the LGBT community.

This decision of the representatives of the EBU was prompted by homophobia in a number of participating countries.

“It is sad when people do not want to vote for a representative of minorities only because of his sexual preferences. Even our winner from the Netherlands [Duncan Lawrence] admitted that he was able to win due to the fact that he hid his orientation. In order to make such performers feel more comfortable in the future and not afraid to show a bad result, we will support them with additional points. It is possible that one of the performers by a special decision of the jury will immediately begin the performance in the final, missing the semifinal,” said supervisor Yon Ula Sunn.

What exactly will the mechanism of accrual of additional points look like? EBU members will discuss at the next meeting in Amsterdam. From the proposals of the German representative in the organization to allow for competition only artists with different sexual orientations officials temporarily refused.

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