Experts explained why the law on sovereign Runet is needed

the law of sovereign Runet

Protection of our digital activities: experts explained why the law on sovereign Runet is needed

the law of sovereign Runet

Deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the first reading a bill on the sustainable operation of the Internet in Russia. On this day, February 12, reports RIA “Novosti”.

As noted, 334 deputies voted for the bill, which implies the creation of an “Autonomous Runet”, against – 47. After the vote, the head of the relevant Committee on information policy Leonid Levin took the floor, noting in his speech that some provisions of the bill still require adjustments, but they may be made by the second reading.

This document assumes that Roskomnadzor will monitor the operation of the Internet and public communication networks to identify threats to the stability, security and integrity of their functioning in Russia. It will also affect Telecom operators, who will be obliged to establish technical means to counter such threats. These tools should allow you to restrict access to resources with prohibited information not only to network addresses, but also by blocking traffic. According to the initiator of the project Andrei Klishas, the main amount of funding for the project is already provided by the Federal budget.

Despite the fact that no details of the new law, as well as the nuances of its implementation are not yet known, the document has already caused heated discussions on the Network, which automatically turned into criticism of the draft being prepared for adoption. However, as the expert in the field of information security, the publisher of the information Security magazine Alexander Viktorovich Vlasov told in an interview with the correspondent of “political Russia”, it is too early to draw any conclusions, because we do not know all the details. But it is absolutely possible to say that about any complete disconnection of Russia from the world Network (as it is implemented in the same China) speech will not go.

“Indeed, indeed, it is not very clear, what mean you, but if you talk, that is, close to the text, itís about two things. The first is to ensure the functioning of the Russian segment of the Internet in case of an unexpected shutdown, including for political reasons. The second is to install special technical means to protect against massive cyber attacks from the outside. Complete shutdown and creation of absolutely Autonomous Runet is, of course, nonsense, because it is necessary to build own “Russian Internet” that in principle is impossible and contradicts the idea of the Internet. Nevertheless, some efforts are being made. And in the event of some technical failure, we can not worry that all our digital activities can stop. So this project is still useful. The benefit in this case is that our servers will be more reliably protected from any unexpected interference and man-made failures. And maybe someday we will get to the point that domestic traffic will cease to be transmitted through foreign servers and will circulate exclusively within the Russian segment,” the expert explains.

Do not forget about the political background of the new law. According to Professor of the Higher school of Economics Oleg Matveichev, our country simply needs to protect itself in the Internet space, as the West is increasingly clear policy of anti-Russian plan.

“The development of this project was absolutely justified. Because the Internet space has long been turned into a field for information war. And the whole illusion that the Internet is supposedly some kind of democratic platform has nothing to do with reality – in fact, all this is completely controlled by our Western competitors. For example, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and so on are waging an open information war against Russia. I myself have repeatedly faced unjustified blocking. Also, I am constantly offered the content of the anti-government plan, which I absolutely do not need. This is an obvious political position and manipulation. Therefore, if we want to have a truly independent Internet, we must think about how to secure ourselves in case of all kinds of blackouts and blockades, and be completely calm on the topic of manipulation of the West,” – said the source of “political Russia”.

The new bill was introduced by senators Andrei Klishas and Lyudmila Bokova, as well as by the Deputy from the LDPR Andrei lugov. It is noted that it is aimed at protecting the stable operation of the Runet in the event of a threat to its functioning from abroad. According to the explanatory note, the draft law was prepared taking into account the aggressive nature of the us national cybersecurity Strategy adopted in September.

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