A Google employee admitted to deliberately discrediting.

image of Russian cities

Google employee admitted to deliberately discrediting the image of Russian cities using the service Google Street View.

image of Russian cities

An employee of Google, who wished to remain anonymous in an interview with High technologies magazine admitted his participation in the implementation of a program to deliberately discredit the positive image of Russia. The programmer explained that the Google Street View service was used for this purpose, allowing you to watch panoramic views of the streets of many cities around the world from a height of about 2.5 meters.

“In reality, Russian cities look much better than you see them on Google Street View. Scare these types of the average European or American will not work. Especially if an American has ever been to the Bronx or lives there. Since the entire financial success of our Corporation is connected with the support of the White house, we listen to their opinion,” said a Google employee.

According to the IT specialist, graphic works on discrediting Russian cities were carried out accurately and with a high degree of reliability.

“We tried not to create a complete trash. Here and there we tilt the pole, dig a hole in the road or artificially throw garbage. In moments of strong enthusiasm, I generally took photos of drunk Russian youth or older people from a popular social network in Russia and transferred them to panoramas. Faces, as expected, we retouched to avoid possible problems. It is amazing how the Russians, watching their cities in Google Street View did not Express for all these years, we have no complaints. Probably, in the country or not strongly developed legal culture or just this service is not popular in Russia”, — concluded the IT-specialist

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