Hackers use Facebook and Google to send viruses



Fraudsters use the Facebook and Google platforms to send malicious programs to users that are distributed on the Network under the guise of pirated games or SOFTWARE.

According to the portal Torrent Freak, this spam can be found on sites such as medium.com, change.org, zendesk.com, ghost.org, bitly.com etc. However, the moderators of these web resources are sufficient to promptly respond to the appearance of malicious content on the site. But the administration of Facebook and Google with the reaction to such complaints — obvious problems.

Moderators Facebook has repeatedly urged to pay attention to the suspicious activities of some users, such as Fix Problem, spreading links to the social network allegedly pirated content that hides a virus. However, this problem remains unresolved.

Hackers also use Google, where it is much more difficult to automatically find such links. A few weeks ago, the administration of the platform learned about this problem and even noted such content as a warning about a potential threat. However, none of the publications have yet been deleted.

Author: администратор