NASA accused of racism

NASA accused of racism

NASA will no longer use the term “black hole” because of accusations of racism

NASA accused of racism

The United States national aerospace Agency (NASA) has reported the discontinuation of the use of the term “black hole” in the document flow to refer to the area of space-time with strong gravitational attraction.

The reason for this decision of the organization’s leadership was the mass protests of the African-American population of the state of Florida, who accused the Agency of intentional racism. In particular, one of the protesters ‘ claims was a much rarer mention in the press of the term “white hole”. According to the leader of the African American movement in the region, Jacy Wilson, NASA invented a system to use space to remind about the superiority of the white population of America over black.

“Ideally, it would be nice to completely stop flights into space, but the state spends a lot of money on it. It seems to us African Americans that it is incorrect to depict space as black and with white stars on this background. And the term “black hole” was invented by white scientists,” Wilson said.

NASA denied sympathy for racism, but promised to listen to the opinion of the black population of the States.

“We sincerely apologize to all African Americans. NASA expresses its full readiness to review all space names if they discriminate against a particular group of people,” the Agency said.

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