Noah called upon Germany to build an ark and sail away from NATO


Bundestag Deputy Alexander Noah called upon Germany to build an ark and sail away from NATO


NATO is a threat to world security, and Germany urgently needs to build an ark and sail away from the Alliance. This was at a meeting of the Bundestag dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the creation of the military-political bloc, said Deputy Alexander Noah.

In his speech, the parliamentarian, born in East Germany, noted the terrifying role of NATO in the disappearance from the political map of the world of such States as the GDR, the USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, as well as in the outbreak of most military conflicts around the world.

NATO’s seventieth birthday, Noah called “not a cause for celebration, but rather an opportunity to finally come to your senses before it’s too late.” In particular, he urged Germany to leave the Alliance as soon as possible. As a rhetorical device, the Deputy cited analogies from the Bible.

“We need to build an ark as soon as possible and sail away from NATO — at least to China, at least to Russia, where our ship will dock to the shores of the sacred mount Ararat. Only away from war and NATO. Take your wife, children, parents and Pets with you. Everyone should be away from NATO,” concluded Noah.

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