The political scientist from Russia laid siege to a French journalist


“Where was this fan of Maidan?”: political scientist from Russia besieged the French journalist who spoke about the ” yellow vests»


Political expert Vladimir Kornilov caught in the application of double standards of the French journalist Bernard-Henri levy.

On his Facebook page Kornilov wrote: it looks strange for him that Bernard-Henri levy outraged by the attack of the participants of the action “yellow vests” on the police. Vladimir Kornilov is surprised: why then a French journalist, zealously supporting various protests and Maidan protests (for example, in Ukraine, Georgia or Libya), was not outraged by similar attacks on law enforcement officers during the color revolutions.

“A fan of Ukrainian/Libyan/Georgian Maidan Bernard-Henri levy is outraged by the attack of the “yellow jackets” on the police of Paris, calling it a “lynching”. “To be a Democrat today means to show full solidarity with the Republican police,” he says with pathos.
And in fact admired the Maidan, when police there were lynched in the literal sense of the word!”– Kornilov’s record says.

Bernard-Henri Levy

Previously, “Political Russia” wrote about the fact that London police have detained 13-the summer girl-the teenager, who participated in the campaign for leaving the EU. According to police, the girl attacked representatives of law enforcement agencies.

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