The richest Communist in Russia

The richest Communist

The richest Communist of Russia was the Emperor penguin

The richest Communist

JSC “Roskomstat” published a list of the most financially secure among the 10 members of the Russian Communist party. It was headed by the mascot of the Communist party, the 17-year-old Emperor penguin proletarian Arkady Rudolfovich with a fortune of $1 billion In 2016, he took only 3rd place, but by 2019 he managed to get rich more than the other members of the list and take a leading position.

According to the researchers, Arkady owns more than a dozen luxury apartments in the center of Moscow, six estates on Rublevsky highway and eight penthouses on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg. The mascot of the Communist party also has a private passenger plane, three helicopters, 10 sports cars, 8 luxury cars and rare ZAZ 965 and VAZ-2104.

Penguin opened several accounts in Swiss and Austrian banks. In 2018, Arkady bought several hundred hectares of strawberries around the farm. Lenin and more than $ 300 million in Chinese government bonds, which, in fact, made Arkady the richest Communist in Russia.

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