In Russia there will be trees that distribute Wi-Fi Science

the trees handing out Wi-Fi

In Russia there will be trees that distribute Wi-Fi Science

the trees handing out Wi-Fi

Employees of the research Institute of Bioinformatics at the Russian Academy of Sciences announced the creation of the first trees capable of distributing Internet technology Wi – Fi.

According to the statement of the employee of Institute, initially plans included genetic modification of trees for the purpose of strengthening of their ability to extract heavy metals from air and the soil, however further accumulations of microparticles of metals in branches began to show properties of antennas. Interested in the open effect, scientists have managed to achieve the maintenance of a new breed of communication trees using the Protocol of wireless LAN Wi-Fi by means of patented technology of bio-programming.

At the moment, a three-year-old birch sapling is able to maintain a network coverage of the site with a radius of 200 meters, a similar oak sapling — up to 300, a ten-year plant provides coverage of a radius of 1 to 5 kilometers depending on the breed and season, in particular in winter, efficiency indicators reach a maximum. In addition, scientists assured of the ability to transfer communication support to the next generations of plants.

The technology has already interested the leading Internet providers in Russia, but so far there are some difficulties in its implementation — the trees distributing the network can not be upgraded in case of obsolescence of the used network technologies, moreover, at the moment there is no way to extend the technology adopted in recent years, the laws on the stability of the Internet and the insult of power and state symbols.

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