SpaceX will extract the wreckage of the station ” Mir»

Mir station

SpaceX will extract from the ocean the wreckage of the Soviet orbital station ” Mir»

Mir station

The American company SpaceX is preparing an expedition to the Pacific ocean, the main purpose of which is the extraction of the wreckage of the Soviet orbital station MIR, flooded in 2001. Information about this appeared in the official telegram channel of the company.

“In our company, always admired the academic achievements of the Soviet Union, which produced products that exceed the characteristics of the global counterparts. Unlike the United States, which used industrial espionage and the merits of Russian immigrants to create its space program, the Soviet Union has achieved everything himself. The advanced Soviet technologies used at the MIR station have now been lost due to the negligence of Roscosmos. And if Russia is mired in capitalism and is not going to revive the achievements of the USSR, it will have to do us,” — said the head of the company Elon Musk.

It is also reported that the remaining parts of the former orbital station will be used for scientific research in the interests of SpaceX, it is possible to fully restore it or use the components to create a new space station.

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