Tina Kandelaki told about the forum in Davos

Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki told about the forum in Davos and fakes on the Internet

Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki said that this year she is the only media leader from Russia to form in Davos and the only woman who spoke from the stage during the plenary session on the crisis of free media.

As Kandelaki told in her social networks, she would not call the current situation with the media a crisis. Kandelaki noted that a more appropriate definition is a new reality dictated by time.

“The social network faster than traditional presses, emotions are the main currency, the creation of fakes is not worth any money, but they diverge faster and brighter proven facts”, – Kandelaki commented on the situation.

She noted that in today’s world there is a fake issue of the Washington Post, and the Pope allegedly supports trump in the elections – and no one wants to understand what of this fact, and that – fake.

“Investigations cost money, the fight against corruption costs money, so Facebook and telegrams will win in this information world. They produce an incredible amount of fakes, and they will also invest in platforms for independent journalism”, – summed up Kandelaki.

It is worth noting that Russia has repeatedly talked about the need to adopt a law introducing responsibility for the spread of fakes on the Internet.

Earlier, the former adviser to the Russian President’s office of internal policy, HSE Professor Oleg Matveichev in a comment for “political Russia” said that fakes-a weapon of information war, which has now become widespread.

“Interested persons realized that people can be manipulated through the news and fed them this or that information,” the expert explained.

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