Ukrainian blogger invented a special tree for the Groisman

Christmas tree

I do not want to face Thomas hit: Ukrainian blogger came up with a special Christmas tree for Groysman

Christmas tree

Ukrainian blogger Aleksey Kurakin presented the idea of a special new year gift for Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman.

On his Facebook page Kurakin said that his sister received the long-awaited Supplement to her pension. Here only the additional amount ок5азалась nothing like nga which expected a woman. To its pension payments added 3 hryvnia 25 kopecks (8 rubles 11 kopecks at the rate on 23 December 2018).

The blogger asked his subscribers not to laugh at this amount and said that his family decided to make a gift to Groysman, under whose leadership is the government of Ukraine, which appoints such allowances to pensions.

According to Kurakin, in gratitude to Groysman need to send the original Christmas tree. However, this gift is slightly gloomy, because it is made in the form of a wreath of fir paws.

It is not known whether Kurakin sent his present to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, but his subscribers asked whether the gift looks solid.

“How are you? Is it serious? And you do not want before nedokoncena face in Tomos hit” – ironically said the blogger.

funeral wreath

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